Carlton Ring

Customer had 2 rings, an emerald and a tanzanite ring. One stone left from the bracelet. 10 of tanzanite in the bracelet and the 2 diamonds from the emerald ring were used in a design of a pair of earrings. 

The reminder of the stones were used to create the ring on the right. 

So unusual that is made it into a magazine

A lovely delicate small client inherited this sizable ring.

She wanted to use all the diamonds and I created this delicate necklace.

Customer wanted to separate this antique Victorian repoussé pin to make earrings and a necklace. 

After delicately separating the two sides of the pin, a pair of earrings were made.

Using the center stone the client wanted a more current necklace to update the set.

Antique pin owned by the client's grandmother and her only heirloom.

The stones were glass.

I turned it into a pendant adding genuine diamonds. The new design gave the blue glass stones a youthful look.

Before and after

Took customer's engagement rings and earrings. Gave each of them a halo and connected them and added a chain to make a brand new necklace.

Necklace needed a pair of matching earrings.